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Guest for my Radio Show on Tuesday June 5, 2012

by robin on June 2nd, 2012

I’m excited to announce that Dr. Stan Tatkin will be joining me to discuss his book Wired for Love: How Understanding Your Partner’s Brain Can Help You Defuse Conflict and Spark Intimacy.

Wired for Love challenges partners to experience their relationship in a totally new way. Partners will learn how to engage positively as a couple to help each other feel safe and secure by following the relationship exercises suggested in this exciting new book. In clear, concise language, Tatkin describes the ways that partners can understand and become experts on one another. He suggests building a ‘couple bubble’ wherein each partner is the most important person in the other’s life, the one individual on whom the partner can always count.

Tatkin’s model, based upon neuroscience, attachment and moment-to-moment arousal, helps couples keep their bonds fresh and alive. Among the messages interspersed throughout this book are:  finding ways to become experts on one another, knowing the three or four things that make a partner feel good, spontaneously making the partner feel happy and loved, avoiding the things that make the other feel bad, managing one another’s highs and lows, knowing what to do when things go awry, learning how to fight fair and have a win-win relationship that reduces stress.

This is a book written for partners who want to be in a thriving relationship, but is also an excellent primer for psychotherapists who want to help their patients engage in and maintain successful relationships.”

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  1. Kelly permalink

    I am looking forward to the show! Very intriguing

  2. Sarah permalink

    I’m curious if Dr. Tatkin notices any common concerns amongst/between both genders re: feeling safe in relationship. Are there certain distinct areas that men and women tend to cite in the area of emotional safety, or is there an overlap? Also, what would he say are the greatest challenges to maintaining the “couple bubble,” even if both people are committed to integrating this concept into their relaitonship?

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