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This book offers elegant pathways toward the self-understanding that creates lifelong, loving relationships. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has ever suffered in the name of love - Jason B. Fischer, MA, LPC

With compassionate and loving clarity, Michelle Skeen guides us through our labyrinths of unworthiness and fear to discover in our own deep being that we have always been enough and we no longer need all the barriers to love that we have created in our lives. - Steve Flowers, MFT

Michelle Skeen provides you with an indispensable map and clear direction toward a new pathway to heal yourself and develop smart and healthy ways to interact with others. This book will offer you clear tools to realign with your core values. Reading this book feels like you are sitting across from a deeply caring therapist. Pull up a chair and experience Skeen's warm and compassionate guidance for yourself. - Rebecca E. Williams, PhD

So much of the suffering experienced in relationships stems from this fear of abandonment, yet very little is offered to help those who confront this in their lives. In Love Me, Don't Leave Me, Michelle Skeen offers powerful insights, and, most importantly, tools to help successfully navigate how this fear plays out in relationships. - Thomas Roberts, LCSW